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Silver and Sensational

with Lois Mills
Silver and Sensational Official Podcast Cover (Facebook Cover).png

Silver haired host, Lois Mills, helps you to live a more empowered life by sharing the many experiences that led her to today, with honesty and unfiltered sense of humor.

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Unlock the extraordinary in the everyday as host Lois Mills takes you on a riveting journey through her own life, where shocking stories become sources of wisdom and inspiration. In this podcast, Lois opens the door to her treasure trove of experiences, inviting you to join her for candid conversations that will leave you both astonished and enlightened.

Lois, a seasoned explorer of life's twists and turns, is here to share her remarkable adventures, personal triumphs, and even her share of stumbles along the way. What sets Silver and Sensational apart is Lois's unique approach – she doesn't just tell stories; she takes your questions and offers advice based on her own extraordinary encounters.

From heartwarming tales of resilience to jaw-dropping moments of audacity, every episode of Silver and Sensational promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions and life lessons. Lois believes in the power of storytelling to connect and inspire, and she'll leave you with a fresh perspective on your own journey.

So, whether you're seeking guidance, craving a good story, or just looking to be captivated by life's unpredictability, join Lois Mills in each episode as she turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Silver and Sensational is where shock, awe, and wisdom collide.

Tune in, ask your burning questions, and let Lois Mills show you how to make every moment in life truly sensational.

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