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No 2 Gays About It

with Tom Burke and Michael Foley

Who else but two gay guys over 50 with differing backgrounds lifestyles and viewpoints can lead the discussion on the topics important to the over 50 gay community? When it comes to Tom Burke and Michael Foley, there’s definitely No 2 Gays About It!

New episode every Friday!

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Welcome to the "No 2 Gays About It" podcast, your go-to destination for candid and empowering conversations tailored specifically for gay men over 50. Join your hosts, Tom Burke and Michael Foley, as they delve into the diverse, vibrant, and often uncharted territory of the mature LGBTQ+ experience.

In this thought-provoking and entertaining podcast, Tom and Michael bring their unique perspectives and shared wisdom to the forefront. With years of lived experience, they tackle an array of topics relevant to the lives of gay men in the second half of their journey, offering insights, support, and a few laughs along the way.

Each episode of "No 2 Gays About It" is a genuine exploration of the challenges, joys, and opportunities that come with age, identity, and relationships. From dating in your 50s to rediscovering yourself, building meaningful connections, and embracing your true self, Tom and Michael leave no stone unturned.

This podcast isn't just about two guys talking; it's a celebration of the diverse experiences, stories, and voices of the gay community. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the LGBTQ+ scene or newly discovering your path, "No 2 Gays About It" offers a safe and informative space for everyone.

Tune in to "No 2 Gays About It" for heartwarming stories, eye-opening insights, and the humor that comes with embracing your golden years. Join Tom and Michael as they prove that there truly are "No 2 Gays About It."

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