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Talking Ted is out now!


presented by Bear Fight Whiskey!

JLV Podcasts and Roddenberry Podcasts team up to bring you "Talking Ted presented by Bear Fight Whiskey."

A new series all about Seth MacFarlane's tv show, "Ted," on Peacock.

Join hosts Jessica Lynn Verdi and Mike Richards as they deep dive into every episode and sip on some delicious Bear Fight Whiskey with actors from the show!

A new episode every Wednensday.

Available on YouTube and everywhere you get your Podcasts.

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About JLV Podcasts

JLV Podcasts is a production house that creates listening spaces for relatable and quality shows that enhance your life experience.

We work tirelessly to create shows that cater to your interests and needs. Explore our podcasts below and discover new worlds of knowledge and entertainment.

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